Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 5:42 PM

Hip Hip Hooray for the 3rd blog

By: DawnMulan

or should i say... pip pip cheerio... o_o ima just stick with hip hip hooray bc i have no idea what pip pip cheerio even means. smh

today my friend says to me that i should tell Rosie, my best friend who lives in London, that despite how she laughed at her yesterday and cracked jokes on her bangs...she is really pretty. She proceeded to say that she should go on America's Next Top Model... she will vote for her bc she is really pretty and should be a model...

1... i know its been a while since ive watched that be honest, ive only watched 2 episodes...the first season. lol but im absolutely sure that there was no voting going on... lol im pretty sure Tyra and the other judges were making those decisions... but if im wrong please catch me up on these things. truuu

2. She's British... lol im absolutely sure my mom didnt forget this bc she just spoke to her yesterday and i know she heard all of that accent... ROFLPL! how do you tell a British chick to go on America's Next Top Model bc she can win... the nerve of my mom to just throw out words without thinking about it! i guess thats where i get it from... truuu lol i love how she started my day off with this... i shall laugh at it all throughout the day. 8)

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