Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 4:23 PM

can i release this negativity so i dont drown in it?

By: DawnMulan

*sighs* i really hate... when plans are made bc i have things to take care of... but its all effed up bc someone doesnt come through... -_- especially when you knew yesterday and could have told me so i could have put plan B in action... but you sit and just let time pass today and when i contact you thats when you speak up... smh well look how you didnt help me at all...

approximately 3 minutes ago this is how i felt --->
on bleh today -_- i shall say FML, hate everything & try my hardest to sleep this day away. with that being said... FML!

but i know... that isnt possible. i cant sleep all day. lol the other stuff i can do... im good at that. lol

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