Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 4:46 PM

Nicki was too busy for ustream

By: DawnMulan

i saw her tweets this morning.

i'll admit i was disappointed that she never popped up on twitter with a link to her ustream channel BUT i felt better about it after i saw her tweet addressing it. she was busy working... and we love that. lol i understand that... i hope she gets plenty of rest and will soon be bouncing round like that squirrel off of Over the Ledge lol

im sure the ustream will happen in due time. i prefer she have loads of time and ustream rather than rushing through a ustream during busy times. truuu i still love you Nicki 8) and speaking of still... i still want to get on stage with you when you perform Did It On Em... SB can still be the hype man...i will like be SB's hype girl. lol doesnt that sound fun?! i'll bring wipes and spray and everything. lol im done!!

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