Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 3:42 AM

the deal with school...

By: DawnMulan

this is the very first time i have this problem on my hands...
the school hasnt sent me any paperwork... i missed registration and i have no room assignment notification... basically, im not sure if i have a room.

schedule conflicts have set me back a couple of days so i planned on moving to campus today... yesterday i tried calling and no one was in the office that i needed to speak to... i woke up at 8am to call the school and no one answers any of the phones... in any of the offices. i cant drive all the way to jackson not knowing if i have a room or not... if i get there and have no room, im screwed. if the offices are closed, i cant get a room... screwed. lol

i have to wait first thing monday to try and figure things out which means i will miss a day of classes... "/ i know i pre registered in november... im not understanding why i didnt receive any paperwork from the school throughout this entire winter break. *sighs* stressed over school and im not even there yet.

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