Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 4:17 PM

*sighs* i just gotta meet Nicki

By: DawnMulan

i definitely fell off of my blog game eh... would you agree? lol i used to post dumb loads of blogs daily... but i've calmed down... blame school. the freeze cuppin courses that have me running in circles in one spot. lol im trying to be focused bc i've never taken courses that demand so much all in one semester. truuu i dont think i will get to see Nicki in concert anymore... imagine my professors have me on lock like that! lol im afraid to ditch a couple of days of classes to travel & see Nicki...

*sighs* i wanted to meet Nicki... BUT Nicki cant hand me a degree, can she? loooool maybe the opportunity will set itself again... 8) i'm claiming it already. til then Nicki... til then. lol

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