Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 4:24 PM

what has my mother been up to?

By: DawnMulan

well the other night she called my phone...
me: hello...
mom: pu pu pu pu put your drinks up. its a celebration every time we link up!
me: um...
mom: what are you doing?
me: watching Bones.
mom: oh... BLEH. well im watching Nicki!!! *sings* sooooo aliiiiive... bye.

o_o that was a couple of nights ago... in my head the thought still runs... did she just try to hit that note? loooooool xD i just cant... looool i really... i can not handle this woman. seriously you lot... someone come get her. lol she is cracking me up on her Nicki fan ish.

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