Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 4:35 PM

Hey, I'm new, dont really know what im doing but decided to join seen as i personally stalk nicki online anyways.. lol. dont acually know if anyone's gonna see this but would love it if someone showed me how this site works? would proper love that.

thankyou, Gill M

can really feel nicki in this:

First of all
Every rapper need to bow to you
As a fan man I really am proud of you

Second of all I gotta say thanks
You really did alot
For my out of state banks
With that being said
Lets get down to the real
I still don’t understand
What went down with the deal

And I been waiting on you
Just to give me the word
You know, A couple nouns
And a couple of verbs
I do it for them girls
That be flippin’ the bird
Tryna get up out the hood
And get into the ‘burbs

But everything you said
Was it just pretend?
Maybe it was all a game like ESPN
I don’t really care if they hate on you
I be turning down meetings
Just to wait on you

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