Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 6:27 PM

One of These Days ...

Hopefully I have sumones attention... Cuz I would like to say sumthin important!! I havent talked to Nicki for a couple of weeks... I miss my big chicka!! I know shes busy and all so its fine... but i just sayin u cant even text me at least once a week to let me know that ur doin ok and that u have been busy lately so it will be awhile before you text us again....? Theres sumthin I have been wanting to tell her... I told her most of it already but theres one more thing that I have to tell her... But I dont know how to say it.... Like should I come out and say it straight out or should I eaz into it?? But to get to the point we have know each other for about 2 and a half to 3 years now and she knows that Im bii and she just found out that she was the first chick that i acually liked and that shes the one that showed me that i am who i am and if i like a certain person then theres nuthin wrong with that. She has been there for me when i was at me lowest... I remember this one time I was really depressed about her cuz i didnt know why i was feeling that way about her but she didnt know and she still doesnt know but i was depressed about her and i played it off like i was trying to help a friend of mine... I messed up the text and said thanks for helping me i really needed that instead of saying thanks for helpin me she really needed that... so i got busted except I told her that it was about a different gurl... Long story short I love Nicki with all my heart!!!! But she will prolly never know that i still do feel that way about her... unless she reads but she hasnt been on here for i think it said 14 months so it would be a miracle if she just happened to decide to come on here and happens to decide that she wants to look at my blogs.... but to get to the point what should i do??

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