Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 8:34 PM

NiCkI mInAj PoStEr PlUs SoMe DeTaILs FoR pOsTeR cOnTeSt

LoL I just ordered 2 NiCkI mInAj Posters online on OMG The extra is for a contest.... Yup a contest... The details will be coming later. But I am still thinking 'bout what the contest should be. Maybe the person who makes me the most popular person will be it or most entries for the contest. Watevr it is I might also need your help. So comment some ideas. P.S. The poster contest is actually for like this contest I am gonna have with friends. But I am gonna have a super cool contest online. So still give me some awesome ideas. Also for the online contest give me some winning ideas and prize ideas, too. Official celeb signatures. Exclusive Nicki Minaj info (fan phone # or fan contact email address). P.S. Don't ask for something too too personal. Like address, personal #, or person email address. Maybe I can find upcoming events or maybe surprise movies or shows or albums if I can. Watevr you suggest I will try my best....LOL ;P ADD ME "FOREVER NICKI MINAJ"

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