Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 1:48 AM

why I love Nicki.

Now I know ya'll will probs not read this but...

She's not just some female rapper from the hood that has made it big... she's a human being who has been through a life with struggles, and has survived. If you're not a CF and know her past, you will understand what I'm talking about. She's proof that anyone can make it if you dream big, and chase your dreams. She's my idol and inspiration. She proved to me that I can get past any obsticle that comes in my way. The problems shes faced makes mine look like nothing, so now, when im upset, i listen to her music, listen to what she tells her barbs, wipe my tears away and smile. When I say that I love that woman, I really do mean it. She has taught me so much.

Why do I love her? I'll give ya'll another reason.
Because she cares so much for her fans,like she says 'sometiimes my fans are the only things that will get me out of bed in the morning', she always wants the best for them..she believes that education always comes first.. she is talented.. has grown so much as an artist since producing Playtime Is Over.. since a child she has always done things off her own back-never asked for money from her parents, she worked 3jobs until she got enough money to get herself an apartment.. shes never given up on her dream-she wanted to be an actor so she went broadway, then she grew a passion for rapping, persued it and look where she is now.... despite the hate she gets, she has never let the haters knock her confidence, like she says 'my haters are my motivaters'.. she's always working- on her birthday she done a tour, and the days she has off, shes either writing lyrics for new songs, or rehearsing for upcoming tours... she is so beautiful and has created her own unique style... she has a perfume, nailpolish, lipstick, and is starting her own record company and clothing line which shows how dedicated she is to getting the best out of people and giving her fans a little extra... she never lets us down.. she is so funny it must be a laugh to be with her... from being a little girl she has been through so many battles in her life and all of it has made her the person she is today. She is awsome and I love her.

Twitter- @Jasmine_schol x

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