Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 3:23 PM

Nicki Minaj vs. Queen Bee

Lil' Kim took stage in Queens to personally call out and bad mouth Nicki and attempt to humiliate her in her OWN HOOD!!.... the ultimate disrespect. But it seems like nobody's really sweatin' the Queen Bee's attempt to put herself back on top, including P. Diddy (among other's) who stood up for Nicki... All Kim wants from Nick is 'respect and homage' towards past female emcee's... but the style that brought Nicki to the top is her own, she's capitalized on her uniqueness and adapted her style into something that's one of a kind. So how can you truly pay homage for something that's never been done before?

Nicki's earliest DVD's and mixtapes are some of the most basic raps out there, however this is where Nicki started developing punchlines and lyrics of her own style, and became the superstar she is today. Although from Kim's perspective it may seem like Nicki has stolen the Queen Bee's style, swag, and ideas... that couldn't be more far from the truth (in my opinion). Nicki's earliest creations reflect the most basic styles of rap, and homage should be paid to the entire hip-hop culture for making music her passion... however, the Jamaica Queens raptress quickly pulled up her socks and became the undisputed Nicki Minaj.

Lil' Kim will ALWAYS be the Queen Bee...... but Nicki will ALWAYS be Nicki Minaj... beleeee dat!

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