Fri, May 27, 2011 at 7:35 PM

Your Time*

Don't think twice JUST be niice. There might be that time when YOU have 2 pay the price 4 iit, nothing in thiss world can EVER gOo our way.. Yess, life is not MATH or SCIENCE, it has no formula, so u have 2 find 'x' by chOosing the right way.. Remember the lessons u've learnt, the timess u fell and reached ur hand out and nobody was there, the time u realised that life ain't fair, the time u realised it's time 2 wake-up and stop realising, GET that goal, don't matter if u think u ain't nothing, everybody's something, just BREAK intOo thiss world, ur time will come, and it'll be worth all ur experiences of suffering.. #imDone:)

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