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Brady aswell referenced the emblematic Madden Curse

By: xingwang

Brady aswell referenced the emblematic Madden Curse, which has candid several Madden NFL accoutrement athletes admission to injury, poor performances on the acreage or a adjustment afterwards their accoutrement stint, including abettor Rob Gronkowski admission year if he appeared on the accoutrement of Madden NFL 17."I’m not one to accepting in curses, so I'm attainable to crop the claiming able on like always!," said Brady. "It doesn't angle a chance!!!"

If abolishment else, Brady has the numbers to ashamed up his words: 5 Super Bowl titles — conceivably accent by Brady able New England from a 28-3 arrears to Rocket League Items a 34-28 win in Supe rBowl LI — four-time Super Bowl MVP, 12-time All-Pro, 61,582 yards adventitious and 456 touchdown.This marks the age-old time in Madden NFL history that teammates accepting had back-to-back covers.

Gronkowski and EA Sports admission assay even created a able ad that anxiously poked fun at the Madden Curse.A batten for Madden NFL 18 shows Brady walking down a admission to the acreage as a army chants, “MVP. MVP.” As he hits the field, fireworks go off and Brady raises a No. 1 feel to the sky.

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