Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 4:01 AM

nicki makes me...

nicki makes me feel so good...she inspires me to be myself & yes i have stepped out of my shell a tiny bit...she tells not to be afraid to be ourselves & says we are perfect just thee way we are ! if only she & god give me strength each day..its crazy yo....but what i notice is what other artist have thee kind of connect that we have with nicki ??? she makes us feel so close to her & thats why we not just a fan stan but a family to me ! ( even tho some member i dont like) lol but ay we got them in all fams right ?? i hate when people say "oh you got such an obsession with nicki" & making its sounds like im all up her ass or some weird shit...NO ! ITS JUST PLAIN LOVE & ADORE HER ! wish people could understand thee difference yo and its make me so mad it wrong for me to have an idol that i look up to that love us just like we love her ?? NO ! NO OTHER STAN IS CLOSE LIKE WE ARE ! JB STAN ARE close but we not a crazy type stan...we may be ratchet at times but we keep it cute tho lol dont get me wrong i like him to so its nothing against him ! (calm ya tits on that note) but thats it for right to get this out ! lol

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