Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 12:17 AM


ok so i did thee twerk contest and was really excited because it was my first EVER doing something like that and i worked really hard on it..ugh but sadly to say my heart was broken when i didnt see my vid up..dont mean to sound all babyish my that legit kinda broke my heart cus i was just so excited to even get a chance at meeting nicki and im just feeling like i was not good enuff,..thee vids that she picked out are good seen some of them so congrats to them...that wasnt just a contest to was way deeper then that...this was my chance to finally meet my queen...this person i look up to and get me through my toughest days without even knowing it...this person that inspires me to be bigger and dream bigger and dont be afraid to be myself and do be scared to go after my still hurt bout this but iq i get over it *sighs* maybe this wasnt thee right time for us to meet but i know i have my chance one still grabbing hold of this rope of hope...

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