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5 -11-12 Was the best day of my life as that was the day Nicki Minaj came to the 02 arena in Dublin for the very first time. After a long wait of her to set a date in Ireland she set on for the olympia theater for august she had to cancel due to illness. I can still remember that day going to see her ,i couldn't even sleep with the excitement the night before hand. I live in Tralee about a 4 hour drive to Dublin so going up in the car i had all her albums blaring ,just singing with my friends. We got up there and couldn't wait any longer so about 3 o clock me and my 3 friends headed up to the 02 to line up. We lined up for a few hours and as soon as the doors opened we ran in. We were standing and got up the very top it was amazing i couldn't believe it. DJ Ahmed came on first and my god he was unreal had the whole 02 arena going ,then came Misha B who was just fabulous and then Tyga which i was really excited for as some of my favorite songs are by him ,i couldn't take my eyes off him. When Tyga went off it was about a 15 minute wait till then Nicki Minaj came out of her rocket ship ,i taught i was dreaming i really couldn't believe i was that close to my idol. Got so many pictures and videos of the concert , she paraded up and down the stage wearing the Ireland flag and then tweeted after the concert saying that Dublin is her favorite place in the world :) The 5th of November 2012 was the best day of my life as thats the day i got to see my idol Nicki Minaj,up close and personal,in the flesh,sing to me xxx

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