Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 10:46 AM

London Album Signing!

By: K_Barb

This was a while a go but thought I would post on here anyway. In April I won a competition to get the chance to meet Nicki herself and get my PF:RR album signed! in London (they were only giving away 200 wristbands) and i couldn't believe it as I NEVER won anything before! I actually started to cry a bit because i was so happy lol :P

Was queing up for 4 hours and finally got to go up and meet her was surreal and she is soooooo pretty and such a lovely person! She even held my hand for a minute whilst she was talking to me! I can't remember everything that was said as it was like a surreal blur but i remember saying i'll see you on tour and she said i'll see you in the summer! Was an amazing experience and so lucky that i got to meet her

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    yaa agreed wow!!!

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