Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 9:53 AM

Rap 7

There's jealousy on your face
you said there's nothing between us
so now we're going our own ways
i beieved in u, u had my trust
then we had a week of silence
mayb it was stress
but bby u wudnt buy it
its not a surprise, it's something i shudve guessed
but i thought you felt something more
wen we had the moment to our selves
but its lik we both walked away, and ignored
but none of what we had cud be detailed
cause it was just a mistake
a simple misunderstanding
cause now my heart is full of hate
i hope your unhappy
cuz u never tok the tme to turn around
so i kept walking
never turning back
just pacing fast, looking at the ground
its so dull and flat
like our so-called relationship
that disapeared in the black...

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