Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 6:23 PM

Rap 26

if i die tomorrow
would there be laughs or sorrow
questions that haunt me
but its death that haunts me
no1 can see the life ive seen
no1 kan hear the crys i scream
the stress i hold
my fortune untold
the path i seek
to far to reach
gasping for air
but its you that i fear
they say only time kan tell
only good will sale
life isn't always a fairytale
ive been living in the walls of hell
you finally broke me
now i hope your happy
you left me emotional scares
i kan never say "love for who you are"
kus you led me to bad health
and for that i hate myself!
i dnt understand what i did
it's just a fight i'll never win...

  1. nicki'sfan4life avatar

    On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 4:17 AM, nicki'sfan4life said:

    u r crazy talented. i mean u r really good

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