Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 6:36 PM

Rap 28

It's funny how our conversations can be so great
but in thee end it's my words that you hate
wait for a second, take three steps back
take a breath, remember what we had
canyou see?
what's hurtin me?
of course not, cuz u only see the worst in me
im trying to move forward as the days go by
but it's sad to see our memories fade and die
my message sent, no reply
all i wished for was a hello, goodbye
you always had my back
that was your only task
but sorry, love is what you lacked
i know i was never perfect
cuz i don't try, kus i know it's not worth it
if you ever did love me
love me for who i am
kus i'm not trying to be some1 i knt stand
yes this is me
and i pledge to the the women leage....

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