Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 6:56 AM

Rap 30

Best thing I ever had
Mayb for the good and the bad
Is it to much to ask?
For just some support
I'm tired of being played I'm not a fucking sport
I thought after a month of crying myself to sleep
That you wud undo the curse I keep
I was loving, caring, and thoughtful
Now I'm just a bitch who's disrespectful
Try having the heart that I do
The kind that loves and cares more about others then its self
But be treated like a unwanted toy left on the shelf
It hurts that ill never get my childhood back
I was never treated the way I should and that shit is wack
I was an amazing student and child
Followed and listen to every rule
But now I'm stuck in my deep depression, that's what I assume
I became more suicidel, don't kno wat to do
I'm just tired of being lied to and never treated right
So I hope you kno that I wish you a goodnite...
Love always,

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