Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 6:03 PM

just me

hello guys, i know nobody nows me, but i'm from Brazil, i'm a barb since may or something and i really love Onika. I've been to her concert in Ohio, cried when she started singing and cried also when it finished. Just can't explain my feelings for her, but i have 3 words that can say a little of what i feel for her. I love you, i love you and i won't stop loving you Nicki. I always talk to you on twitter but you never answered me, but really, i don't give a damn, cause i know that one day, the right day you'll answer me, and i really hope that one day i'm going to see you, this is going to be the happiest moment of my life and when it happens i will wish i can have this moment for life.
Nicki is my inspiration. Because of her i still go to school, because of her i never game up on my dreams, and because of her i will be successful one day. I admire her so much , her hard work, her job, who she really is, i love everything that's in her. That's just a little of what i can show for you Nicki, love ya! <3

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