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My love for Nicki is SOLID! It's real beyond measure. It's not just some phase that I'll be over tomorrow or in years to come. I'm sure I'm speaking for the TRUE and DIE HARD barbz and ken barbz when I say this! Most of us have been listening to Nicki from the BEGINNING! I know I have! I remember the first mixtape, "PLAYTIME IS OVER" and I was playing it while I was in school and I'd let of my friends hear it, they didn't like it and some even said "WHO THE HELL IS SHE!" I didn't care though cause I knew she'd make it, her talent was raw, and she was just unique with her raps. Now she's gracing the covers of the hottest magazine, has #1 singles, and fans galore! She's international BABY! Like I'm so proud of her, It's amazing what GOD and TALENT can do for you! And everyday I thank GOD for bringing her here cause she has helped a lot of us through some things, whether through her songs or just something she said through an interview, or maybe even a twitter post. She has given us all life in some way or another. Through a performance, or whatever dope word or phrase she comes up with! She's so genuine and loving. She ACTUALLY loves us to death barbz! Like how many celebs do you think actually care for their fans they way she does! That's what I love about her most, not even the fact that she makes GREAT music, but it's the fact that she GENUINELY LOVES LOVES LOVES Her barbz and we genuinely love her back! Majority of us have never gotten to meet her, I STILL haven't! I think that's what kills us most! I just want to meet her, so she can get to know me and see that I'm not JUST a barb I'm someone that actually LOVES YOU NICKI! lol!, and I know that's how a lot of you feel as well, Am I right? or Am I right?:) No but seriously, Nicki is dope, everything she do is different and I like that trait in her! Cause we all KNOW not everyone can pull off a colored wig we've all seen some FAILS in our local HOODS! haha! So basically I wrote this to say how much I love Nicki and I would really like to meet her and if you feel the same way barbz and you feel this blog is speaks for you then let's all tweet the link to this Blog to Nicki and tell her to READ IT!! So she can see how we really feel!

I love NICKI MINAJ! And I love ALL the Barbz #Teamminaj Forever and a Day!
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