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2012 Roman Reloaded

Well Guess What Every One Its Almost 2012 By The End Of Tonight Thats WHat Its Going To be.Well For The Up And Comming Of This New Year I Would Just Like To Say Nicki Mianj You Are My Inpiration.You Know Why Well Because I Have A Very Beatiful; Singing Voice Right And All I Used To Listen To Was Singing Sings Like Non-Rapp Music Only Until One Day Me And My Sisters And My Cousins Were Watching The B.E.T. Hip-Hop Awards For ME This Is The First Time I Had Ever Watched It And The All-Star Cypher Came On And I Saw You Rapping And My Sister Was Like "Oh Thats Nicki Mianj This Is So Sick.She Rapps Like All Animated,Shes Super Raw".So Then One Day The "Bed Rock" Music Video Came Out And I finally Actually Saw You Like Stright On And Then I Saw The Baribe Necklace For The First Time And And I Was Like Whoa I Have Never Seen A Necklace Like That Before And Of Course I wanted One And Of Course Im Getting One[Form CbtsCloset .Com You Should Check It Out You Would Love The COUSTOM Made Necklaces They Make.]
This Isnt The One Im Getting But Its One That I Might Want One Day.But Anyways Enough Of That Im Sorry That I Said So Much But I Hav Finally Realized That I Want To Rapp An Ive Tryied It Out And Im Actually Gud So Watch Out For Me Nicki If You Ever EVER Actually Read This And Decide You Want To Help Me Please Do Because I Dont Rapp Or Sing Because I Want To Be Like You.I Do It Because Im In love With Music And Its My Passion.

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    Good luck you'll have some very great ideas

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