Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 7:29 PM

"Va Va Voom" MV

Okay so yes I did watch The Va Va Voom music video of course & it really wasnt what I exspected but at the same time you cant exspect anythign thing from Nicki since shes soo unpredictable . And I love that about hur , I cought what the them was about the snow white kinda of thing but I honestly think the vid needed like some kind of different kind of grapics ion kno it just seeemed like something was off but of course Im not the one making money money from the video so it wasnt a fail. But besides that I think she looked great . The outfits shes pulled out in the video were so beautiful . My favorites were the white like princess night kind of thing and of course the evil witch outfit it was very sexy and classic but modern at the same time, plus she broke out the old black bob . The hair cut was actually one of my favorites that she used to wear so I was suprised to see hur wear it. Then I also thougt her like horse looking outfit was like interesting not many people would probly go for that because now a days if everything isnt super sexy and lacy like a piece of underwear then they dont want to see it especailly with somebody like Nicki with a bangnin body like that. But over all I loved the video and I cant wait to see what else she has planned cuz you kno Im waiting Lol

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