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Nicki Mianj : My Truth Epi.1 [Review]

Okay so i did watch the first episode of nicki mianj my truth and i thought it was great . i stayed up till 10:30 of course wating for it and i just couldnt go to to sleep without watching it. so the first part was like her int he studio recording her new song out from the roman reloaded re-up album "freedom" and basically when i saw it i just thought about wen i watched the mtv special on her wen she was in the studio that time and all i could really tell was even though she was frustrated about having to get the album finished in 24 hours i can tell that she really loved what she was doing even though it was killing her to not barley take a brak ea nd that what i got from the first time i saw in the studio.
then theres the part where she picked out the clothes she needed for her first day on american idol. and yeah yeah was just being rediculously picky about what she was wearing but at the same time i would hav been upset too if i specifically asked someone to bring me certain clothes and when i need them in a rush deffinatly if im paying them since im an artist i feel the same way sometimes things just hav to be in oder or things like her being late for her first day on american idol can happen.
okay then it moves on too her at the signing of like CDs and posters at macys and i love that part the most because seeing the fans reactions when they come up to her and they finally get to meet thier idol its just breath taking because for me as a fan i wish i was ther to even see her inperson becuase that would mean everything to favorite part is seening one of her fans rapp with her while the music was playing i just thoguth that was so cute
okay then the last part was her at "the boys" video shoot and at first i didnt understand why she was fussing so much abotu there people being lot of people around the monitor and the set but now i understand why of course the reason why was because when theres that many people around the set you cant tell where everybody is since its a crown and then somebody might be taking pictures of the set and then leaking them out to the internet and of cours ethats just going to ruine the whole premire of the video becuase at that point people have already seen anything so it just spoiles th ewhole video so i deffinatly understand where shes comming from with that becuase thats just plaiin rediculous .
that pretty much all the general important parts of the episode and i cant wait to see the next one ! lol

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