Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 8:38 PM

The Pink Pill

Okay so I see the Pink Pill has arriven. Well when I first even herd of or saw the Pink Pill was when I watched the behind the scenes & then eventually I seen the actual commercial on tv & it deffinatly caught me off guard when I saw it because I had no idea it was coming on so that surprised me & I was really just excited about it . But in really jealous of it right now . Lol well mainly because one of my good friends is a huge Nicki fanlike like me & she dropped the news that she was getting it but right now im just thinking shes just determined to get it . Also like me. Overall tho it looks like a pretty good product & the thing I love about it the most is its PINK !

Much love tho Nicki & Nicki Fans (Barbs) If you ever read this one day tho I want you too kno your gonna meet me & be surprised at how much we hav in common & I don't do it on purpose .. <3

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