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Nicki vs. Iggy

Sooo I really had to juss touch on this subject of Nicki trowing shade At Iggy A. at the BET Awards . Like of course ppl juss gonna blow the whole situation up like Nicki sat there & actually said Iggys name . No . What Nicki was saying was , as ppl should kno there are a lot of female rappers out these days tat are "famous" I guess for nothing because them nigghas aint been writing their rapps . I guess Nicki was juss like hold let up let me let yall niggahs kno "When yall hear Nicki Minaj Spit , Nicki Minaj wrote it." . & thas some real shi cuz half of these chicks out hear probly getting all this shine for stuff they aint even write so in reality they juss on the rapp band wagon of ppl who don't deserve to hav the name of a rapper . Now ince Iggy was there & shes kinda been her lil competion in the worlds eyes ,that she was saying oh Iggy dnt write her rapps . Now somebody tell me when Nicki actually said that . Exactly . She was saying that in general she is not one of the female rappers out here rapping unoriginal rapps BUT .Iggy im sorry honey that does not exempt you . Nicki was not talking about anybody in particular but if yoy do not write your rapps then yes she was talking to you . if you are dnt wrry about it its as simple as that . Srry but fans of rappers are juss serious about your authenticity in the game because everybody wants to be the biggest & the baddest . But if you are one of the rappers that DOES NOT WRITE YOUR OWN ORIGINIAL RAPPS , ima say that again . YOUR OWN ORIGINAL RAPPS . I suggest you get to writing .

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    On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 2:41 AM, Ciara Vann said:

    She said that at the BET Awards. I don't believe she's talking about Iggy because it's all from the media.

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