Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 7:53 PM

Babrie Nation

By: GBayB

I am so excited that Onika came in the time of my generation.... Its so funny because I was one of those girls that had BARBIE everything.. from the babies to the ken dolls, to the accesories, doll house, AND clothes. Lots and lots of CLOTHES. i had and stilll have BARBIE EVERYTHING.. When i first heard Nicki she reminded me of my favorite rapper (LIL WAYNE) the awesome female version tho... jus like i had anticipated for all of Weezy.z Music i do the same for Nicki. I love Nicki.z style.. It's like I love seeing her/watching her.. Hmmmm! heres a suggestion, we all know how diddy came out with makin the band right? well what if she came out with MAKING THE BARBZ!!!! That would be so awesome i would so sign up.. i hope she reads this cause that would be a freaking hit..

<3 G BAY B

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