Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 6:34 PM


By: G.Classy

That’s how it’s goes when were in the zone
Calling up my girls on the Bentley phone
Get a text from inside saying X and O’s
X keeps me high, O’s curl her toes
Up in VIP with my entourage
In the Louie Stilettos and a blunt of the cause
Sipping on Patrone and a Lemon Drop
Ill pour it on a bitch to make her ass pop
I like two-three ladies at a time
Never seem to mind cause the diamonds clearly shine
Pockets always laced cause I’m always on the grind
If you wanna holla at a mama ain’t hard to find
Find me in the club or the street on them dubs
Smoking on a blunt I get high with them thugs
When I’m out club banging I expect a little trouble
Haters always in the back round trying to get me to rumble

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