Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 6:05 PM


By: G.Classy

Yeah I said it, bitch you drive me crazy
Saying that I’m shady I’m like girl you’ll never tame me
Blowing up my celly sending texts like you hate me
Baby leave a message at the beep - let it page me
I get it in - & I let her join me
Step in the room all the boys they try to boink me
Know you see my girl sitting here, what’s the point G?
See two bitchs kissing, dudes thinking it’s an orgy.
I stay blessed - I keep it fresh to death
Filling up my chest I’m blowing Seattle’s best
Can tell that you’re a rookie I’m a Dro smoking Vet
I pass it to the left and never smoking the stress
I said I get in – Watch my chromed kicks spin
Pirelli’s around my rims on the 550 Benz
I call it Easy Money when I’m getting the INS
Got 30 different ways for my team to Win

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