Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 1:55 PM

how and when i got into nicki minaj..

i'm not going to sit here and say i've been there for nic' since day one, since 2007 or before because i haven't but i wish i had been. i started to properly get into nicki in 2009, i used to go over my dad's house on the weekends and one weekend i was using his computer and i came across the song 'take it off' which featured nicki on it and i loved the sound of her voice, her style, she was fierce. gradually, i began listening to her music more and more and telling more and more people about her. she was amazing at rapping, she still is, her tracks went so hard, she was raw, she was talented. whenever i went over my dad's i looked up more of nicki, i researched her all the time, her history, her old music, her old videos, her old interviews, everything. i began to love her and it started to become more than just her music, it became her, who she was, her personality. she was so funny, witty, cute, sexy. i loved her, she had became my favorite rapper. then, half way through 2010, i got a laptop! i made a twitter account straight away and followed nicki. i kept so much more up to date with her, her music, her personal life, everything. i began to know her more and more.. i remember looking through her twitter and thinking, wow, she is so good to her fans, so loyal. i would check her twitter everyday without fail from that day on. nicki had become my 'obsession', i listened to her music all of the time, i watched her interviews and researched her on the internet all of the time, i checked her twitter all the time, i kept up to date with everything and would watch her interviews, ustreams whenever she announced them, no matter how late i had to stay up! during this time, i brought all of her old mixtapes and her album, pink friday, when it was released. i brought everything of nicki's, her lipstick, posters, t-shirts.. i was promoting her all of the time. i felt like i knew nicki, she inspired me so much. half way through 2011 my twitter got a virus and i made a new account, the day i made my brand new twitter account was one of my moments for life, one of my my first tweets on this account was how she had inspired me and she replied and followed me that day! i went mad, i screamed and went mad, i actually think i died and came back. she'd noticed me and i was so fucking happy. it's basically been the same since all of that, so, that's how it all began.

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    nice barb

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