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So Check This Outt:

My Cousin Called Me Rite Before I was About To Start Work To Tell Me She Won Tickets To Go See Nicki Minaj In The Femme Fatale Concert And I Was Like OMG Again With The Nicki Minaj Tickets Because She Won Tickets To The I Am Still Music Concert & Took Me :) And She Said We Are Going Again Together To The Femme Fatale Concert Im So Happy Im Gonna See Nicki Minaj AGAIN I Cant Believe She Won AGAIN & is Taking Me AGAIN Im So Happy Im Going The 18th Of This Month & its Will In San Jose, CA One Of My CoWorkers Won Tickets to The Same Cocert Butt Hers is In Sac Town And She Said Her Tickets Were VIP Tickets At Least thats What they say on the Tickets Idk If That Means She getts Good seats or gets to meet Nicki Or What? Butt Im Hoping When My Cousin Picks Them Up She Has VIP Ones As While :) & Im Hoping to Meet My Queen NICKI MINAJ :)

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    On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 3:50 AM, nickifan_jazzy said:

    Thts amazing!!!! Congratulations and have fun!

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