Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 2:52 PM

Nicki MInaj In The UK

Nicki Minaj has recently been in the uk and has coz minaj fever x fans camped outside the airport from 4am after Nicki tweeted her flight times she didnt land til 11.28 am x 300 fans and paparazzi camp outside the dorchaster hotel where nicki was staying , hotel staff threatened nicki if she didnt control the people out front she'd me asked to leave , later that day hotel staff asked her to leave thru the back door only to find more over excited fans out back. Nicki was then asked to leave the hotel due to barbiez rioting outside later that night angry barbiez on twitter found the number for the hotel and phoned for free , this then got the hotel phone line busy. it wasnt nickis fault or true team minaj that got her chucked out it was the crazy people. if everyone was calm more people might of had the chance to meet her. people shouldve respected that nicki is here to visit and people werent respected her privacy i know shes a celebrity but shes a person too x

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