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my sisters story about friction featuring nicki minaj and sb

The day friction disappeared
Nicky Minaj woke up slipping out of her king sized bed, she slipped all the way down the stairs, but it wasn’t that bad.Nicki tried to get dressed but it didn’t seem to work. Then there was a knock at the door, Nicky Slipped all the way to the door and eventually opened it. It was Safaree (SB) he was wearing a ‘Hey Nicky Hey Nicky asthma’ t-shirt and his world famous diamond chain that consists of 72 links with over 85 carats of rubies and 170 carats of frozen water diamonds, he was carrying a brown Louis duffle bag , which had 1 million dollars in it.
Nicky Minaj and SB slipped to her hot pink Lamborghini .they drove to the record studio where her alter ego Roman Zolanski and slim shady recorded Romans revenge. After that they went to the young money cash money billionaire pre-show Grammy party where they met up with lil Wayne ,birdman ,slim ,drake ,lil chuckee ,lil twist ,lil za ,Cory gunz, mack maine ,jae millz, tyga ,t-streetz, gudda gudda, shanell and jay sean. During the time nicki received a platinum disc after she sold over 1 million copies , of her debut album of pink Friday which is currently number 1 on billboard hip hop top 100 after 11 weeks her other best buddy drizzy drake also received a platinum disc for thank me later. When Nicky received the award her presentation disc fell out of her hands and her legs turned into jelly and she slipped to the ground everybody gasped and then they all fell to the ground because there was no friction so they slipped everywhere when they were trying to dance.
By Sophie Mantle Age 12

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