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  1. ummm why are you requesting me stranger i just need a valid reason if not then you already know so enough said! or just hit me up and say "Sup" i got to many fake 1z i battle on a regular so get it together

  2. Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 5:11 AM

    U say "hate" wit ur undercover "LOVE"!

    i lik how ppl dnt fuxx wit nicki but on her site wit an account lik wut u tink dat if u make a page wit da "QB" all ova it iz a dis nah not even cuz nicki said dis now stay wit me now ready set read "My Haters Are My Motivators" so she win u lose hahahahahaaha oh shit haahahahahaha she told ya but ya jus wanted 2 b hard bodi

  3. not even beat dnt even try n request me jus so u can hav another "1" added on ur list cum correct or not @ all nah mean i rather c it say zero b4 i strt acceptin jus any randomz mayb dat wuz a lil xtra o wel hahahahahaha nah but i jus dnt lik dat ;}

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