Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 7:22 PM

100 points!

just hit 100 points! 2nd day here and lovin it!!!!!!! i know some people hav like 6,000 points, but 100 is still an accomplishment 4 me!!!!!!! ive only gots 4 freinds and really want my 5th so i can get 50 points 4 that. im still going 2 keep trying 2 get as many points as possible, but is there anything that getting points actually accomplishes besides just being able 2 say u've gotten however many points??? points r still cool, but is there really anything productive about getting them??? i guess it doesn't really matter, just wondering. im still gonna GO HARD tryin to get them. catching my drift??? :D wow. that was a lot less cheesey and obvious until in my head :/. but still, u should already figure imma go hard!!!

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