Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 3:45 AM

Please help! Anyone!

Ok, so I've heard Nicki is going on tour shortly after PF:RR comes out. So I said to my mom," I really wanna go c Nicki when she goes in tour. If she comes anywhere near here can we possibly go?" my mom said," I know you really wanna go, but I have a feeling her concert may not b the most appropriate." which, ya I guess, I mean the occasional lap dances, but so? I mean, so? Barbs, I really need 2 convince her FAST! Plz, if anyone of u have ANY ideas, plz tell me. ANYTHING will help. ANYTHING. I beg u barbz. I need 2 c her! Plz. I'm gonna cry if this doesn't happen. Any advice/tips/ideas will b extremely appreciated. Plz. Anything. Any way to convince her. Plz barbz. I luv u, and I hope 2 c some tips. Plz message or comment. Luv u!

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    On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 2:34 PM, nicki'sfaveroitebarb said:

    Hey barb, how old are you? I know I know, I'm only 13. BUT my mom knows about Nicki Minaj and LOVES her music. Just try to get your mom to listen to her music! But really it all depends on your moms parenting love. And one question.. whats PF:RR? (roman reloded??) anyways good luck barb! MUAHHH [:

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