Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 5:43 AM

Things I love about Nicki/

Here are just a FEW of my fave things about Nicki, #teamminaj, and I'm gonna try 2 make one if these every month at least, with more things, do that's why I'll only do 10 a month. Lord knows there's more than 10!!!!
1. On, u can call someone a b**ch, and they'll take it as a compliment
2. Nicki treats u like a mama treats her little babies
3. Nic is always there 4 us, SB is always there 4 Nic, and God is always there 4 SB lol.
4. Nic isn't afraid to b herself
5. Nic tells us how much she loves us all da time
6. Anyone can act like a barb, but we (the true barbz) can always tell who really is a true barb.
7. U can know everything about Nic (like me) and still not b considered a creeper/stalker
8. U never get bored on #teamminaj
9. We hav are own words at #teamminaj
10. And u know what's great? That moment during math class when u start singing Roman in Moscow in ur head. :-)

Hope u enjoyed! If u feel like it, tell me some of urs! I'll b making more each month!

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