Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 5:54 AM

Thankfulness :-)

First Pink Friday of the month which means I'm going to list 10 things I'm thankful 4 about Nicki, SB, and just #teamminaj in general ;) hope u enjoy, and please comment telling me some of ur thanks, 2! Would luv 2 read 'em!
1. Nicki brings out the best in all her barbz :)
2. Someone can look at one of Nicki's tweets, or listen to something she says, and they'll hav no idea what she is talking about, but all the barbz know
3. Nicki loves all of her barbz equally
4. Barbz look out 4 eachother and 4 Nic
5. Just stop and think for a minute: Nicki has influenced our lives so much :')
6. Dreaming about Nic. Whenever I dream I'm meeting her, she hugs me, and I can actually feel a person hug me
7. There always a Nicki song 4 WHATEVER mood ur in. ALWAYS.
8. I luv watching SB help Nic out of cars and down stairs, and I luv watching him open doors 4 her ;)
9. U never feel alone once u become a barb
10. I know, that if I mess something up, God will always luv me and #teamminaj will always luv me :)

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