Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 1:10 AM


Oml this bitch got me real fuckin hot right now like . At Skool we have swimming and there's me & these 2 other girls but there's this girl named indeav but she's fake as'f like stg . She don't talk to me when the 2 other girls are around but when she's bored she runs her ass to me like t'f I look like accepting u as a friend and I knew u since kindergarden bitch BYEEE . But meanwhile u can get smart wit people but when cara wanted to fight u , u was cryin ad runnin like a bitch (witch u are) like ill beat ur asssss period dude And u a fuckin slut huggin up on every dude u see ur ugly as'f bc u used to be lame as hell thinkin ur black BITCH UR NOT BLACK I WANT TO FIGHT U SO BAD BUT I DON'T WANT U TO DIE *_^ bye bitch

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