Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 7:50 AM

SuperBass(Verse One )

This One For Da Boys In The Boomin System
Top Down AC With The Coolest System
When He Come Up In The Club He Be Blazin Up
Got Stacks On Deck Like He Savin Up
And He ill He Real He Might Gotta Deal
He Pop Bottles Nd He Got Da Right Kinda Bill
He Cold, He Dope,He Might Sell Coke
He Always In The Air But He But He Never Fly Coach
He A Muhfuckin Trip Trip Sailor On The Ship Ship
When He Make It Drip Drip Kiss Him On The Lip Lip
Dats The Kinda Do Dat Im Lookin Foh
Nd Yes U Get Slap If Ya Lookin Hoe
I Said Excuse Me Ur A Hell Of A Guy
I Mean My My My My U Like Pelican Fly
I Mean Ur So Shy Nd Im Lovin Ur Tie
Ur Like Slicker Then The Guy With The Thinq On His Eye Uh
Yes I Did Yes I Did SomeBody Please Tell Him Hoo Da F I Is
I Am Nicki Minaj I Make Da Dudes Up
Back Coupes Up Nd Chuck Deuce The Up
(She Went Ham!!)

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