Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 8:07 AM

SuperBass(Verse Two)

This Is One For The Boys In The Polos
Entreprenuer Niqqas In Da Moguls
He COuld Ball With Da Crew He Could Solo
But I Think I Like Hi Betta When He Dolo
Nd I Think I Lie Him Better With The Fitted Cap On
He Aint Even Gotta Try Tew Put Da Mack On
He Juss Gotta Give Me Dat Look When He Give Me Dat Look
Den Da Panties Commin Off Off Uh
Excuse Me Ur A Hell Of A Guy You Kno I Really Got A Thinq For American Guys
I Mean Sigh Sickenin Eyes I Can That Ur In Touched With Ur Fimine Side Uh
Yes I Did Yes I Did Somebody Please Tell Him Hoo Duh F I Is
I Am Nicki Minaj I Mack Da Dudes Up
Back Coupes Up Nd Chuck Da Deuce Up
(Went Hard In Da Paint)

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