Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 8:40 PM

"Did It On Em"(Verse Two)

All These Bitches Is My Sons Nd I Aint Talkin Bout Pheonix
Bitch I Gets Money So I Does Wat I Pleases
I Live Where The MuhthaFuckinq Pools Nd The Treeses
Broke Bitchs So Crusty Disqust Me
Gave Dat Bitch A Ride Got Da Contenital Dusty
Trust Me I Keep A Couple Huneds In Da Duppy
Couple Wet Wipes Case A Bomb Try Tew Touch Me (Ew)
Im The Terminater Bitch Talk Slick Imma Have Tew Terminate Cha
These Little Nappy Headed Hoes Need A Perminater
You My Seed Ill Spray You Germinater
Move Back Bugs Matter Fact You Kno A Back Rub
If You Can Turn Back Time Cher You Use Tew Ce Here Now Ur Gone Nair

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