Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 3:40 AM

"Make Me Proud"

B B B Bad I Am All The Dumb Bitches Im Better Den
Mansions In Malibu Babblin But I Never Mention Everythang I Dabblin
Nd I Always Ride Slow When I Straddle In Nd My Shit So Wet U Gotta Paddle In
Gotta Ro Ro Row Gotta Row Yo Boat Its Pink Friday Records And OVO
Done Did The Pop Tour Im Da Realest Deal The Best Legal Team So The Deals IS ILL
Its Mac OPI And Fragrance Too Apperal Im Dominating Every Avenue
Gobblestone Good View Lil Gravel Too Gotta Pay For My Entourage Travel Too
Cause Im Fli Fli Fly Im Flying Hi Aint Got Time Tew Talk Just Hi Nd Bye Bitch
Nd Baby Whe You Ask Me Tew Take A Break
ILL Give It All Away Dont Care What The People Say
ILL Be A Million Billion Trillion Miles Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
uh uh He Ask My Sign I Said A Saqq
Imma Star Sherrif Badge
Whats The Point If Im Guardian
Double D Up Hoe Dolly Parton
(Lovin Iht)

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