Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 12:51 AM

Its Been a While

Wow. It has been a while since I have actually logged in and interacted on this site. I was however checking out the website everyday from my phone but I've failed to log in for months. I've been handeling my business at school, because I know that's what HB would want. Now that I have a few minutes, I would like to get a little something off my chest. I sort of feel bad, because I haven't really been interacting with the team as much as I should be. This is a problem, because I am already distant. I don't have a close relationship with ANYONE in TM, nor have I met anyone yet. I haven't even met the QUEEN yet!!!! It sucks becaue when she finally meets me, i don't want her to think I'm one of those fans that just jumped on the bandwagon in 2010. I'm not really established in TM and i guess it suck for me because the team is filled with amazing people (besides those that like to make big drama, and those who only stan when Onika makes a song like Super Bass). I want Nicki th know that I've been here. I want her to know that she means soooooo much to be. I admire her for her work ethic, the way she carries herself, the way she takes care of her business, the way she speaks with such intellect in her interviews and the way she adores her team. Yes Nicki is the epitome of beauty, but she didn't get here with just her looks. The ways she spits her rhymes is amazing and I am constantly amazed with how her brain works. When my time does come to meet her, I know I won't be able to explain any of this in her presence....(this is where the blog ends because i have "writers block) ADIOS

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