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My Life

As a teenager, we're always over dramatic. One liddle thing happens and you're like "UGH OMG FML". I say that shit all the time. And its always like no one understands. Most of the time its true. Its hard to find someone who identifies with your emotions. My dad could possibly never understands me. I work my liddle ass off to make him proud and when i accomplish something ,I never get a sincere "Im proud of you baby girl" out of him. He expects me to be perfect and think the exact way he thinks. I admit, my dad has a unique, brilliant, and creative way of thinking but he also expects me to be like him. He puts the most stress on me, not to metion i attend an early college school. Very rigorous curriculum. And he's always sayin "YOU HAVE NO COMMON SENSE" and "YOU HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM" wtf?? Yeah that's very motivational -_- the only two people that motivate me to keep giving my all are NICKI MINAJ and my GRANDMOTHER. Nicki inspires me with her work ethic and self confidence. What a powerful talented woman she is... *gazes off into the sunset*

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