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A Blog About Nicki Minaj

I fucking love Nicki Minaj. Not the kind of love that one would think. The kind of love where I'm like listening to her music nonstop all day every day. The kind of love where when I go for my daily walks during the day I sing out loud Nicki style and it doesn't bother my if people stare at me or laugh at me which most of the time that isn't the case, A lot of people surprisingly enjoy and try talking to me and getting to know me. Anyway, I've been a die hard fan of Nicki's since the beginning, 2006. I will never stop loving her & I will never stop supporting her choices in music, acting, just her life in general. I know every choice she makes will be the right one. Ok well, Be sure to buy both of her albums if you haven't already and buy her UNDERGROUND ALBUMS online! They are amazing as well, I promise you that! Oh! & Also, Be sure to go see Ice Age 4 because she will be playing one of the characters. She plays "Steffie" Ok, BYE! Leave a comment

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