Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 1:41 PM

Single ladies nicki minaj!

Yo rude boy why you cross me like a little T, i minaj big M uh-uh none of mickey d's. then i'm flyer then a broom broom broooom i dissed him, then i pull up in a vroom vroom boooming system .Now listen, now listen, LISTEN,
I was there through your bid in prison
Ya know I coulda been your wife,
But sucks for you,
I would never rent a tux for you.
Excuse me, I'm buzzing like bumblebees,
Football & they all wanna fumble me.
I was a thirty-two D in my Dugarees,
Can I have a couple more cucumbers, please?

now i'm that bitch now i'm the bad witch, i need a lot of cheese up on my sandwhich, just got a new boyfriend, he's pepe lepu, and he just bought me two gueseepi shoes, thats one for the right, and one for the left, yes to the left, left to the left, and we should all go to Jearry springeer, and you can put the ring upon my middle fingerr!

Yep, and just like a ghost i'll be gone, gohne, diddy bop, like sean-john john, any way i like lauren, lon-don, get my chopsticks , give me my won-ton, COZ u thought, you'd win, but i new yuo'd lose, honey im flyer than altitude cruise, yes im cool, you can chuck duece, nicki's been hgot since, duck... duck goosee!

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