Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 4:21 AM

Thank You

hi lady. i just wanna say I am very thankful God put someone in my life who can show me the way. I compare your journey to my "soon to be". just how you hated red lobster & all them other jobs, i hate this working shit. i really do. i feel like a slave. i almost cried at work today cleaning shelves & mopping floors. it's just not for me at all. i just wanna get to where i wanna be, modeling/acting. but like you said "everything is a stepping stone." i believe that. i feel like this is the very beginning for me & that things will progress as long as i put the work in & trust in God. I was on the train omw home thinking about that & just wanted to let you know & to tell you Thank You. You have no idea. I love you. XO

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